Update to ex-date for capital management initiative

The Company refers to the Key Dates for the Capital Management Initiative (as set out in the Explanatory Notes to the Notice of Meeting) proposed to be considered at the upcoming 2018 Annual General Meeting.

The following dates are changed:

  • The last date for trading ordinary shares to be entitled to the special dividend and capital return, and the last day for trading in pre-consolidated ordinary shares will be 30 October 2018 (rather than 29 October 2018); and
  • The Date for the special dividend and capital return will be 31 October 2018 (rather than 30 October 2018), together with the commencement of trading of consolidated shares on a deferred settlement basis.

There are no other changes to the Key Dates. The Explanatory Notes to the Notice of Meeting will be taken to be supplemented and revised accordingly.

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