Engaging with our stakeholders

We use a process of ongoing engagement and a range of sources to identify risks and opportunities that are material to our businesses and stakeholders.

This informs our strategy and how we manage our business on a day-to-day basis, and drives the content of our reporting. What we learn from our stakeholders helps us understand the issues that matter most, and discover emerging trends which may influence our business and the communities in which we operate.


How we engage

  • Daily interaction when customers enquire, buy, amend, renew or claim on an insurance policy
  • Informal and formal channels for employees to capture customer insights
  • Formal programs to help employees act on customer insights through Listen Learn Act walls
  • Customer Advocacy Surveys and employee rewards linked to NPS performance
  • Customer testing and co-creation (including contextual enquiries, focus groups and online ‘Imagined Better’ community)
  • Detractor call backs and complaints channels ensuring all complaints are heard, managed and escalated as appropriate
  • Human centred design capability being used to co-create improved experiences together with our customers
  • Formal customer connection program to help all employees connect with customers

Insurance intermediaries and brokers

How we engage

  • Dialogue via dedicated Business Relationship Managers
  • Sales & Service Centres, aligned by a sophisticated Broker Segmentation model, including both State & National accountabilities
  • CGU Broker Channel Management driven through our CRM capability
  • Customer & Broker Experience & Advocacy program, to continuously measure performance and sentiment


How we engage

  • Annual Culture Survey and more regular divisional pulse Culture dashboards
  • Employee Heartbeat survey to understand what our people think about our products and brands
  • Team, Senior Leader and Divisional meetings and briefings
  • Focus groups
  • Online through our intranet and social networking tool Yammer
  • Employee self-service portal offering web chat and case lodgement
  • Regular performance feedback and development/career planning
  • Feedback channels including dedicated helpline for issues including discrimination
  • Mailbox for reporting and managing compliance incidents

Shareholders and investment community

How we engage

  • Perception studies
  • Investor briefings for all results and other major corporate announcements and Annual General Meeting (also webcast via our website)
  • Half yearly investor roadshows
  • Regular monitoring of consensus earnings forecasts
  • Individual meetings throughout the year
  • Online shareholder centre
  • Annual and Sustainability reports
  • Responses to all investor enquiries via a dedicated Investor Relations team


How we engage

  • Structured industry engagement processes
  • Contract re-negotiation
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Monthly meetings
  • Ad-hoc queries and day-to-day contact

Government and Regulators

How we engage

  • Participation in government advisory bodies
  • Participation in industry associations policy committees (e.g. Geneva Association, BCA, ICA)
  • Evidence-based submissions on business and economic issues to Government Reviews/Inquires
  • Work in a collaborative way as members of associations that have similar interests and approaches to ours, and where further opportunities for dialogue and engagement are provided (e.g. Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities)
  • Regular discussion with elected representatives, regulators and policy makers on a broad range of issues


How we engage

  • Regular formal surveys and benchmarking
  • Briefings
  • Individual meetings
  • Responding to queries
  • Securing external speaking and profiling opportunities

Broader Community

How we engage

  • Multi stakeholder partnerships with community organisations and not-for-profits to create positive, measurable social impact on issues important to our business and the community
  • Piloting long-term, collaborative partnerships with placed-based communities as part of the Confident Communities project to build their resilience and identify opportunities for shared value, through improved brand connection, claims cost reductions and customer solutions
  • Stakeholder meetings with interested parties on specific emerging issues and opportunities or proposed activities
  • Research, interviews and surveys with customers and non-customers
  • Community forums, events and awards
  • Media engagement through mainstream, digital and social channels
  • Local branch and agency engagements
  • Skilled and traditional volunteering, and workplace giving, leveraging our scale, capabilities and skills to build capacity, effectiveness and organisational resilience in the not-for-profit sector


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