IAG Climate Action Plan

Climate change is a serious and pressing problem. A 2018 poll by the Lowy Institute found nearly 60% of Australians believe climate change is a problem that requires immediate action, even if it involves significant cost.

Being in insurance, we see firsthand the devastating impact that a changing climate can have on our customers and our communities. Our focus on climate change goes to the heart of our purpose to make the world a safer place, and that’s exactly why we have an ambition to be a regional leader in tackling climate change.

Our Climate Action Plan and Scorecard 

We have a long and proud history in this space. Since 2003, we have led initiatives aimed at addressing the risks associated with climate change, and we’ve taken practical steps to minimise our own environmental footprint. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2012 and have reduced our carbon emissions by almost 25% since 2015. Our energy efficient offices in Melbourne and Sydney will also help to reduce our emissions further still. And most recently, our New Zealand CEO Craig Olsen was one of 60 corporate leaders to launch the Climate Leaders Coalition, to help New Zealand transition to a low carbon economy.

We have maintained our commitment to Group Carbon Neutrality since 2012, and will continue our commitment to resource use efficiency and reducing the emissions from our operations, where possible.  IAG will also continue to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into IAG’s Investment Policy and approach. Read our Public policy position on climate change (26.93 KB).

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