Confident Communities

We listened to over 2,500 people and heard that they don’t feel as connected as they once did, and this has affected the confidence and resilience they need to deal with life’s unknowns.

So in 2016, we toured eight of Australia’s urban, regional and rural areas asking community and resilience experts what resilience means and what it takes to create more of it in a community.

While each community is different, there are common threads between what helps create resilience, and what gets in the way.  Open the PDF iconIAG-Discovery-Tour-Learnings-Infographic.pdf.

Following the tour, we have been exploring how we could work collaboratively to create a nation ready for anything.

We know that resilience is a process and something that grows over time. One of the first steps we all can take is to connect and come together with others so we feel a sense of belonging.

That’s why we've launched Good ‘Hoods – an initiative to help create connections and a sense of pride in where you live. We want to connect people who want to work together to create more resilient communities, and share initiatives so the good continues to grow.

It makes sense for us to help communities be more resilient.  We believe we have a role to play in supporting individuals and communities when something goes wrong, and identifying ways we can reduce incidents happening in the first place.

We do this using a shared value approach – tackling social issues in a way that helps the community and makes commercial sense.

By helping make communities safer, and by developing new products and services, we can reduce the impact of events and natural disasters, which helps society, and reduces claims costs.

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