State Insurance data reveals New Zealand’s worst collision hotspots

Our State team in New Zealand is urging drivers to take extra caution on the road, as new claims data reveals the top 10 collision hotspots.

The top three Kiwi suburbs for collisions between 2019-2021 were the busy streets of Auckland Central, Christchurch Central and Henderson (in west Auckland). Other areas at risk of vehicle collisions included Mount Wellington (Auckland), Hamilton Central and Mount Maunganui.

More than 42% of these collisions took place between the hours of 1pm-6pm on weekdays when streets were busy with vehicles returning home from school and work or heading out for afternoon or evening activities.

State’s Executive General Manager, Claims, Wayne Tippet says the latest data is a timely reminder of the importance of putting safety front of mind when stepping into a vehicle.

“Regardless of your age, driving experience, or time of day that you’re on the road – safety has got to be the number one priority for all of us when we get behind the wheel," Mr Tippet said.

“Our claims data shows that most collisions are happening in busy centres at peak periods during the day, and while it’s tempting to multi-task while sitting in slow moving traffic or speed through an intersection as the lights are turning red – it’s not worth it.

Regardless of your age, driving experience, or time of day that you’re on the road – safety has got to be the number one priority for all of us when we get behind the wheel.

Wayne Tippet

State Insurance Executive General Manager, Claims

“While we will always be here to help our customers if a collision happens, the data is a good reminder to stay alert at busy accident spots like major intersections, when vehicles merge lanes, as well as during the busy hours of the day."

The call for extra caution comes as a recent survey by State and Ipsos revealed that less than half (44%) of Kiwi drivers have considered the value of their vehicle in the past 12 months, and only 48% know how much it would cost to replace their car through a car dealership if it was written off in an accident or stolen and unrecovered. [1].

The research results also showed that 64% of car owners are confident their vehicle replacement cover matches their vehicle’s current market value.

Mr Tippet says these findings are timely, as the price of second-hand vehicles has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“A global shortage of computer chips used in car production has led to fewer new vehicles being manufactured. This, coupled with other factors - such as New Zealand’s position in the global automotive pecking order due to our size - has disrupted the supply chain and contributed to demand outstripping supply, which has meant more buyers are turning to the used car market.

“Given these trends, we’re calling on all car owners to check their vehicle insurance details to ensure there is enough cover in place to replace their vehicle against its current market value, in the unfortunate event your car is written off.

“This will help provide peace of mind that any future insurance settlement will be enough to cover a replacement vehicle of a similar age, mileage and overall quality,” he said.

In the event of a collision, our State team recommends drivers:

  • Stop where it is safe to do so and make sure everyone’s okay.
  • Exchange details with the other driver including the other driver’s name, their address, phone number, email, license number, and their vehicle registration number.
  • Take photographs of all damage.
  • Check if the other party has insurance and encourage them to lodge a claim also. Take a note of their insurance company if they know it.
  • Collect the details of any witnesses.
  • Contact your insurer to lodge your claim.

Top 10* car collision locations around New Zealand:

  • Auckland Central (831)
  • Christchurch Central (512)
  • Henderson (478)
  • Mount Maunganui (397)
  • Mount Wellington (355)
  • Palmerston North (347)
  • Albany  (344)
  • Dunedin Central (304)
  • Hamilton Central (295)
  • Hutt Central (286)

*Based on State Insurance motor claims data over 24 months (June 2019 - May 2021). Suburbs are rated highest collisions received to lowest.

[1] Based on survey sample size of 899 Kiwi drivers, survey carried out by Ipsos.