Parents urged to ensure technology devices are covered by insurance

As parents prepare for the return to school, only 35% have updated their insurance to ensure new technology items are protected.

School child with headphones

More than three quarters of Australian parents purchased new technology devices for their children’s education last year and the majority (78 per cent) spent between $500 and $2,000 on these items. Yet almost 2 in 3 parents did not update their home contents insurance to ensure these new items were protected.

NRMA Insurance is reminding parents buying new technology ahead of the return to school to contact their insurer, making sure these devices are covered by their insurance policy for damage or theft.

“Our research shows more than 2 in 3 parents who purchased new technology for their children did not know if the device was covered for loss or damage at school."

Luke Gallagher

NRMA Executive General Manager Direct Claims

“These items are not cheap. The most common purchases of technology equipment were laptops (47 per cent) and iPads or other tablets (39 per cent), with more than 10 per cent of parents spending more than $2,000.

“Technology devices can be covered for loss and accidental damage under most home content insurance policies, whether the incident occurs inside or outside your home, but you need to keep your policy up to date. A quick phone call to your insurer will provide reassurance as to whether your devices are protected.”

Mr Gallagher said technology devices were often the first items targeted in home break-ins.

“Unfortunately, technology is now very easy and quick to sell online, making devices an attractive target for thieves,” he said.

“Families can help protect their new purchases by keeping devices out of plain sight, particularly when there is no-one at home. Find somewhere safe and where it is not immediately obvious to anyone coming to your door.”

To help keep your home and your technology devices safe, NRMA Insurance advises:

  • Secure your home effectively – install robust locks, alarm systems and motion-activated sensor lights, and don’t leave keys outside.
  • Always lock your door, even if you are only going down the road for five minutes.
  • Keep small technology devices out of sight at all times.
  • Always ensure you have home contents insurance in case the worst happens, and check that your existing policy is up-to-date and that you are adequately insured to cover the replacement of contents.

The research was conducted by Pureprofile in October 2021 with 1,015 Australians surveyed. 

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