NRMA Insurance reminds Australians to lock up this holiday season

IAG's NRMA Insurance business is reminding Aussies to lock their doors as they venture out during this holiday season.

The insurer noted a significant decline in home theft claims this year, with burglary claims from mid-March onwards down 49% on average[1] – one of the sharpest drops in the insurer’s claims data history. This coincides with COVID-19 lockdowns across the country and an increase in the number of people working from home.

NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager Claims Luke Gallagher said, according to NRMA Insurance research, the number of Aussies leaving their home unsecured before heading out has nearly doubled since lockdown, with 38% now admitting they don’t secure all windows and doors before going away[2].

“Whether you’re heading on holiday or just going for a walk around the corner, remember simple habits like locking your doors and your windows helps protect your home and your valued possessions.

“We hear some unlucky stories from customers when they’ve just ducked down to the shops for five minutes, but it was enough time for someone to break in and steal a TV, a bike and in some cases house plants.”

New research from NRMA Insurance found that, while locking doors and windows before going out is the most common – and simplest – way to secure their home, Australians could do more to keep their home and belongings safe:

What home security measures do you put it in place when you go on holiday?

  • Secure all windows and doors – 62%
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to collect mail – 53%
  • Security cameras – 24%
  • Motion-sensor security lights – 20%
  • Burglar alarm – 20%
  • Lights on timers – 20%
  • Get a house-sitter – 17%
  • Front door camera – 14%

To help keep your home safe, NRMA Insurance advises:

  •  Secure your home effectively – install robust locks, alarm systems and motion-activated sensor lights, and don’t leave keys outside (even once). 
  • Cash and jewellery are some of the first things a burglar will look for. Ensuring cash, handbags and valuables are out of sight will reduce the temptation for a burglar to attempt entry. 
  • Small electricals are still on the list of must-grabs, including laptops, phones and anything that can be sold on quickly. Keep small electricals out of sight where possible. 
  • Keep car keys out of sight. As improved anti-theft technology makes cars increasingly harder to steal, thieves will look for the keys so they can drive away without drawing attention to themselves.
  • When on holiday, use technology to create the illusion you are at home, such as: 

-Timed lights, radios and TVs
Automated curtains or blinds
Automated doorbells that can be answered via an app
Have a neighbour remove mail, newspapers or flyers dropped at your home

  • Always ensure you have home contents insurance, so you are protected if the worst does happen. Check your existing policy is up-to-date and that you are adequately insured to cover the replacement of contents. 


[1] NRMA Insurance home theft claims data, March – October 2020

[2] Comparing Pure Profile research commissioned by NRMA Insurance from September 2019 and November 2020

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