Flood response update: IAG’s Major Events support in action

In the wake of recent catastrophic floods in SE QLD and NSW, IAG’s dedicated Major Events teams have been deployed on the ground to ensure our customers have the support they need when it matters the most.

At IAG, we understand the role we play in supporting the recovery of communities following a natural disaster, so after any extreme weather event we're committed to being first on the ground to ensure our customers have everything they require to get their lives back on track as soon as possible.

From deploying dedicated claims support teams to organising our assessors and builders to conduct emergency make-safe repairs, we make sure we are always there for our customers and communities when they need us most.  

IAG Executive General Manager, Direct Claims Luke Gallagher was in Lismore on Friday to meet with impacted customers and employees in the flood devastated regions.

“Having visited some of the communities affected by these floods, it is difficult to describe the devastating damage that has been caused and to hear the stories of what our customers had been through was humbling, devastating and overwhelming,” said Mr Gallagher.

“But I was reassured by the knowledge that we had incredibly dedicated people working hard to ensure our customers in communities were safe, supported and could get back on their feet as quickly as possible.”

We have a highly trained, dedicated team which looks after customers experiencing vulnerability. This team has additional counselling training and referral services they can access.

Luke Gallagher

Executive General Manager Direct Claims

Claims teams on the ground
Our claims teams have been available to help customers in disaster recovery centres including in Lismore, Murwillumbah and Ballina, supporting customers lodge claims face-to-face and access support. 

We also deployed NRMA’s HELP Response Vehicle around Northern NSW to give customers the ability to lodge their claim and receive emergency support at a location convenient to them.

Assessments and repairs
Our assessing and building teams have completed almost 5,000 assessments and have attended to 1,524 make safe requests for properties in the impacted areas.

We have completed over 2,500 motor vehicle assessments and finalised 74% of motor claims (where the vehicle has been assessed).

Extra help for customers
Our immediate focus has been supporting our vulnerable customers facing financial hardship. We work with customers to identify the assistance that best suits their needs and offer free and confidential counselling. Please let your claims consultant know if you would like to use this service.

 “We have a highly trained, dedicated team which looks after customers experiencing vulnerability. This team has additional counselling training and referral services they can access,” added Mr Gallagher.

Disaster chasers
The Insurance Council of Australia has received reports of ‘disaster chasers’ targeting people impacted by the floods.

Some of their tactics include offering urgent inspections or repairs for cash, or even claiming to be from an insurance company.

We urge our customers to speak with us directly about their claim and any repairs.

Some tips for identifying or dealing with a disaster chaser:

  • Insurers will not send a tradesperson or builder to your home without notifying you and providing you with details.
  • Speak to your insurer before agreeing to any repairs or rebuilding work to make sure your insurer will cover it.
  • A tradesperson or builder who is working for your insurer will not ask you for money.
  • If in doubt, ask for identification such as a builder’s licence or driver’s licence, and ring your insurer to check.
  • If you sign a contract with a disaster chaser, you have a statutory 10-day cooling-off period. Your insurer can help you end the relationship with the disaster chaser.

NRMA Insurance HELP package
NRMA recently announced a $1 million HELP package to support the long-term recovery efforts of flood-impacted communities in Queensland and New South Wales. Read more here.

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