Don’t put a dent in your afternoon school pick-up

NRMA Insurance claims data shows car accidents peak during school pick-up

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As students return to school this week, NRMA Insurance is urging parents and carers who drive children to and from school to take care behind the wheel – with new claims data revealing 40% of car collisions happen around school pick-up time.

The NRMA Insurance claims data showed that one of the most common times for a collision is between 1pm – 5pm in the afternoon, with the peak of collisions at 3pm*.

NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager Claims Luke Gallagher said with motor vehicle collisions peaking during school pick-up time, it’s a timely remind of the importance of paying attention behind the wheel and obeying the road rules when in school pick-up zones to help avoid an accident.

“We understand everyone leads busy lives and we’re all rushing to pick-up the children from school; however, drivers need to be patient, allow extra time to travel and must follow the road rules to ensure the safety of children, pedestrians and themselves.

“The parking and pick-up rules in school zones are in place to help keep children safe and assist with traffic flow. Following these rules will help ensure a calmer and safer journey for everyone,” Mr Gallagher said.

NRMA Insurance offers the following tips to parents and carers who are doing the pick-ups and drop-offs:

  • Consider carpooling with other drivers to avoid doing the school-run five days a week;
  • If you have the time, perhaps park away from the school and walk with the child;
  • If you’re caught in the traffic remember to remain calm and be patient – getting frustrated can affect your ability to concentrate on the road;
  • And if you’re not a parent or carer, try and leave home earlier or later to avoid the peak school pick-up times.

If you do get into an accident, you should follow these tips:

  • Stop if safe to do so and make sure everyone’s ok;
  • Exchange details with the other driver including the other driver’s name, their address, license number and their vehicles registration number;
  • Take photographs of the damage to the vehicles;
  • Collect the details of any witnesses; and
  • Contact us to lodge your claim.

National motor claims data

Time of day


Early Morning (peak hour) (5am – 9am)


Late morning (10am – 12pm)


Afternoon (1pm – 5pm)


Evening (6pm – 9pm)


Night (10pm – 4am)


* Based on NRMA Insurance motor claims data for 2020 calendar year