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WFI launches podcast series to support regional communities

WFI today launched a new podcast series which features a range of experts sharing their insights across a range of important topics for regional communities, including climate change, agricultural science, investment in farming and regional entrepreneurship.  

The ‘Good People To Know’ podcast is hosted by WFI Executive General Manager Andrew Beer, who will speak with special guests including agriculture leaders, scientists and regional entrepreneurs.

Mr Beer said the 10 episode series is another exciting way for WFI to connect with regional communities and to share expert knowledge that can help people and businesses thrive.

“Since 1919 WFI Insurance has been protecting people across regional Australia. We live where you live and understand the issues that are critical for regional Australia,” Mr Beer said.

This podcast series is about providing people with information to ensure they’re better prepared for the challenges they face and best able to take advantage of the farming and business opportunities available now and on the horizon

Andrew Beer

Executive General Manager WFI

“We think the podcast is a great way for people to hear these insights whether they’re on the road, in the paddock or at home.”

The first episode, released today, features WFI Meteorologist, Dr Bruce Buckley, who has specialised in severe weather and climate change for more than 30 years.

In the episode Dr Buckley provides an in-depth forecast of the season ahead to help people prepare for the impacts of severe weather.

“From bushfires to floods, cyclones, and severe hailstorms, we see the significant impacts of climate change firsthand. That’s why we are passionate about helping farming communities understand their exposure to severe weather events and the steps they can take to protect their properties,” Dr Buckley said.

“One of the biggest challenges for regional Australia is not so much a single direction of climate change, but larger swings in extremes and particularly rainfall. This can and does go both towards heavy rainfall events and dryer periods.”

The podcast series also examines regional business opportunities with Co-Founder and General Manager of Mums & Co, Carrie Kwan, who speaks about regional women thriving in business through digital innovation, how to overcome isolation and beating imposter syndrome.

‘Good People To Know’, a down to earth podcast, is free and available on Spotify world-wide.

You can follow the series on Spotify by scanning the QR code below.