Clarification re 2021 AGM Notice of Meeting

The Notice of Meeting for IAG’s 2021 AGM, released on 14 September 2021, contained a one digit typographical error in the Explanatory Notes to Resolution 5 “Allocation of share rights to Mr Nick Hawkins, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer”.

There are no changes to the resolutions for the 2021 AGM. However, attached to this release is an updated Notice of Meeting for IAG’s 2021 AGM which, on page 6, includes a single digit correction to the vesting schedule for the proposed LTI awards linked to Total Shareholder Return. 

The correction is to the middle row of the table under the heading “Total Shareholder Return Performance Hurdle” – namely, the vesting was stated as commencing at 0%, but it should have read as 50%. This row in the table now reads:

Between the 50th and 75th percentile            pro-rata vesting (on a straight line basis)
                                                                                         between 50% -100%


We confirm that the LTI award vesting schedule in IAG’s 2021 Remuneration Report is accurate, and did not include the above error.

This updated 2021 AGM Notice of Meeting has also been made available on the annual meetings page of this website.


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