Helping you to get prepared

In 2016, we entered in to a first-of-its-kind 10-year partnership with Australian Red Cross to build community resilience, working together to define the best way to motivate a change in individual and community attitudes towards disaster preparedness.

As part of this partnership we are working together towards the Australian Red Cross ambitious plan to prepare three million Australians for an emergency by 2020.

“Emergencies can be devastating in ways you don’t expect but there are simple and practical steps you can take to protect the people you love, your own wellbeing and things you value most,”said Jacqui Pringle, Head of Influence and Strategy in Australian Red Cross emergency services division.  “The more prepared you are for emergencies, the less stressful they become. You’re more likely to have a sense of control during the emergency and afterwards.”

Over the past year, IAG and Australian Red Cross have shared our expertise to co-design solutions to adequately prepare people and communities to plan and prepare for unexpected events.

 “As an organisation, our purpose is to make your world a safer place and one of the ways we fulfil this purpose is to partner with leading humanitarian and community organisations like Australian Red Cross to help people and communities get back on their feet and thrive,” said Ramana James, Head of Group Shared Value for IAG.

Together, we have identified what proportion of Australians thought emergency preparedness was important.

“The shocking truth is only one in five Australians have thought about being prepared and much less have actually done something about it, and that’s despite almost 80 per cent of Australians thinking being prepared is important,” Ms Pringle said.

Get Prepared app

Get Prepared is a simple, easy-to-use app that helps people access information and tools to complete an emergency plan on their phone. The app will help people prepare for any type of emergency. 

One of the key features of the Get Prepared app is that it helps you to store key contacts and emergency actions all in one place, ready whenever you need it. It also gives you step by step instructions to prepare your mind, get in the know, get connected, get organised and get packing!

Download the Get Prepared for iOS on the App Store.

There’s an Android version coming soon; visit the Red Cross Get Prepared webpage to register be notified when it is available, or to find a printable version of the Australian Red Cross Emergency RediPlan.


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