Our spirit

Our Spirit: Closer. Braver. Faster.

The spirit of IAG is how we work together, what we stand for and what makes us unique.

The spirit in which we serve our customers, partners, communities, shareholders and each other is 'closer, braver, faster'.

Closer is all about creating real connections. At the heart of this is taking the time to show we care, and being willing to say it like it is and hear others too. We know that we're at our best when we help each other succeed.

Being brave isn't always easy; it requires us to think big and stand up for what's right. This will not always make us popular, but we're okay with that. We see a world of possibilities that inspires us to be curious and play a leading role in shaping the future.

Faster is about making things happen. We know that waiting for all the answers and striving for perfection slows us down. That's why we have a go and celebrate what we learn. We can achieve amazing things when we are decisive and trust each other to get on with the job.


  • Create real connections
  • Show you care
  • Say it like it is and hear others
  • Help each other succeed


  • Think big
  • Stand up for what's right
  • Be curious
  • Shape the future


  • Make it happen
  • Have a go and celebrate what we learn
  • Be decisive
  • Trust each other to get on with the job



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