Purpose and Strategy

Purpose and Strategy  

IAG’s purpose is: We make your world a safer place.  

This means, whether you are a customer, partner, employee, shareholder or part of the communities that IAG serves across Australia, New Zealand or Asia, IAG exists to make your world a safer place.

We believe our purpose will enable us to become a more sustainable business over the long term, and deliver stronger and more consistent returns for our shareholders.

Our opportunity

IAG’s opportunity is to embrace innovation. The way we live our lives is changing at a rapid pace driven by new technologies and shifting demographic trends. Our customers – like IAG – are facing changes at a rapid pace, driven by new technologies and shifting demographic trends. Whether in Australia, New Zealand or Asia, they face the same choice that we do as an organisation: do we let change happen to us, or do we embrace it and participate in making things better? IAG is determined to lead, helping our customers navigate through this journey and using innovation to make their lives safer and better.

Our objective

Our objective is to deliver world class customer experiences. All the elements of our strategy are driven by our customers’ needs. As well as delivering world class customer experiences, we will make IAG as successful as possible so we can reinvest in our leadership position.

Strategic framework

To fulfil our purpose, IAG is focusing on two key strategic themes:

  • Leading the change that our customers need and demand. IAG is embracing innovation, to help customers navigate through change to make their lives safer and better. This has the company’s customers at its core, and aims to make the experiences they have with IAG world class, through technology and smart ideas, at each individual interaction.
  • Fuelling the business so that we can deliver on these opportunities. To fuel the investments in our continued leadership, IAG needs to be leaner and more responsive. This involves tackling necessary changes to the way we operate – simplifying processes and systems, and optimising resources, to be more efficient.


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