IAG Board Committees

This page contains the charters for the IAG Board, and the four standing Board Committees, as well as detailed information about these committees and their members.


Audit Committee

Chair: Tom Pockett

Members: Duncan Boyle, Sheila McGregor, Helen Nugent AO  

The Audit Committee helps the Board fulfil its statutory and fiduciary responsibilities by monitoring:

  • the integrity of external and internal financial reporting, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • tax and financial risks;
  • that Directors and management are provided with high quality financial and non-financial information, and
  • the independence of the Auditor, Group General Manager Internal Audit and Global External Peer Review Actuary.

PDF iconIAG-Audit-Committee-Charter.pdf


Nomination Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Bryan AM

Members: Duncan BoyleHugh FletcherPeter Harmer, Sheila McGregorJon NicholsonHelen Nugent AOTom Pockett, Michelle Tredenick

The Nomination Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its statutory and fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring the Board:

  • employs appropriate processes to address Board succession issues; and
  • appoints Directors that allow the Board to have the appropriate balance of skills , knowledge, experience, independence, and diversity to enable it to discharge its duties and responsibilities effectively.

PDF iconIAG-Nomination-Committee-Charter.pdf


People and Remuneration Committee

Chair: Jon Nicholson 

Members:  Duncan BoyleHugh FletcherMichelle Tredenick

The People and Remuneration Committee helps the Board fulfil its responsibilities to shareholders by ensuring that the Board comprises people who have the necessary range of skills, expertise and experience to enable it to discharge its responsibilities effectively. It also:

  • provides assurance to the Board on the effectiveness and integrity of, and compliance with, IAG's remuneration policies and practices;
  • assesses the effectiveness of IAG's remuneration policy and compliance with regulatory requirements on remuneration; and
  • monitors the development, implementation and reporting of IAG's business sustainability strategy.

PDF iconIAG-PARC-Charter.pdf

Risk Committee

Chair: Duncan Boyle

Members: Hugh FletcherJon Nicholson, Helen NugentTom Pockett 

The Risk Committee assists the boards of IAG Limited and its subsidiaries and related entities in fulfilling their risk management and compliance responsibilities including:

  • oversight of material risks to which IAG is exposed, and oversight of risk management and control systems for adequacy and effectiveness;
  • the Group’s compliance with the Group Risk Management Strategy, Group Reinsurance Risk Management Strategy and other governance and risk related Group Policies identified in the Group Risk Management Strategy;
  • effective operation of compliance systems considering the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, listing authorities’ rules and organisational policies, and frameworks;
  • oversight of the Group’s risk management and governance frameworks; and
  • safeguarding the independence of the Group Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Actuary and the risk management and compliance functions.

PDF iconIAG-Risk-Committee-Charter.pdf


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