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Car crashTraffic accidents: Traffic accidents are as stressful as they are dangerous, and often require the services of a tow-truck. IAG works with the tow-truck industry to improve service standards. Preferred tow-truck drivers now meet certain standards of service, commit to probity checks and offer customers mobile phones to contact friends or family. The drivers, badged with IAG brand names, also provide digital cameras to take photographs of damage at the site. This assists the claims process and subsequent repairs.

Reversing Visibility Index: Following the deaths in NSW of 17 children in three-and-a-half years from reversing cars, the Group produced the world's first Reversing Visibility Index. This measures how well a driver can see out of the back of a car. Using a laser device, the Technical Research Centre developed a method of measuring visibility from the driver's seat. While new technology such as sensors can help prevent tragedy, in narrow driveways it was found that sensors provide limited extra protection. IAG's research suggests there is considerable scope to improve sensors' performance in detecting objects directly behind the car. IAG is discussing these issues with both car and accessory manufacturers.

101 Crash Sites: Since 1999, IAG brands have been running a research and media campaign to raise awareness of the most dangerous crash sites. This campaign advocates changes in the traffic infrastructure to reduce accidents at these sites. Its success is reflected in the dramatic reduction in accidents in Miranda, NSW. Thanks to the Group's suggestion to replace the Miranda five-ways roundabout with traffic lights, the number of collisions has fallen from 222 in 2002 to 13 in 2003. The Group also retained traffic engineers to report on solutions for three sites: Great Western Highway, Church Street, Woodville Road and Western Expressway, Parramatta; Epping Road and Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park; and Western Expressway (M4) and Mamre Road, St Clair. The recommendations on low cost (warning lights), medium cost (breakdown lanes) and high cost (widening bridges and roads) solutions were provided to the Roads and Traffic Authority, with an abridged version provided to the media.

Preferred repairers: The Group's preferred smash repairer network is an important service option for its car insurance customers. With over 800 preferred smash repairers nationally, IAG brands choose these repairers according to their expertise, service skills and their ability to maintain levels of service.

The smash repair industry is a key supplier to the Group, and the two have worked together to develop the Risk Radar. The Risk Radar is the Group's first sustainability product. It's an online learning tool available to all smash repairers to help them improve their environmental management and safety performance. IAG's preferred smash repairers receive the Risk Radar and subsequent face-to-face training at a reduced rate. In addition, commercial underwriting factors have been taken into account, to reduce insurance premiums if smash repairers can show an auditable improvement in their practices. IAG's key community partner, St John Ambulance Australia, also offers first-aid kits at a reduced rate through the Risk Radar.

Car theft: On average, a car is stolen somewhere in Australia almost every five minutes (source: Crimesafe 2003). This costs the community millions of dollars a year, results in serious environmental issues like dumping and causes stress and inconvenience to the victims. The Group's CrimeSafe program produces information for customers on how to choose a secure vehicle on the basis of car-theft scores. These scores are determined by the Group's Technical Research Centre, which rates cars according to their level of security. The Group also offers customers advice on where to park to minimise car theft or vandalism through Car Park Security Ratings.

The Group commits significant resources to help customers understand and minimise risks by making informed decisions when buying a vehicle. One of the largest contributions to this research is Group's Greensafe car profiler, which examines the safety and environmental performance of all motor vehicles sold in Australia. For more information please see

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